​1.    Can I tour your lodging facility?
A.   Yes! Please call to schedule an appointment.

2.    What vaccinations are requited?
A.    Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP. (We do not require the flu shot at this time.)

3.    Can I bring my own food?
A.   Yes. We require all customers to bring their pets regular food. We also recommend bringing their favorite treats. Please do not bring bowls.

4.    Is your lodging facility climate controlled?
A.   Yes. The facility is heated and air-conditioned for your pets comfort.

5.    Can I bring my dogs bedding and toys?
A.   Yes. Please no over-sized beds. Toys are always      welcomed.

6.    Does my dog get any playtime?
A.   Yes its included with the nightly rate. You dog will be exercised 4 times per day. (On average  every 4-5 hours)

7.    Do you require a deposit?
A.   No. Payment is due at check out. We accept Cash,  Check, or Credit Card.

8.    Can my pets stay together in the same room?
A.   Yes. We offer multiple sized rooms to accommodate your needs.

9.    How much do you charge for boarding?
A.   Check our rates page for current pricing.

10.  Will my dog get to play with other dogs?
A.   For your dogs safety we only allow dogs of the same family to play together. Your pets safety is our top  priority!

11.  Do you offer multiple pet discounts?
A.   No. Our rates are per pet. You will find our rates are very reasonable compared to other facilities.

12.  My pet is on medication. Can you administer their     medication?
A.   Yes. We have many dogs stay with us that require    medication.

13. What is the minimum age to stay at your facility?
A.   6 months.


14.  Do you have any breed restrictions?

A.   No.


15. Do you allow pets that are not spayed or neutered?

A.  Yes.