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Room Service

Extra Services Available To Make Your Dogs Stay Extra Special

Room Service (VIP)

This is the ultimate package. It includes McDonald's (Choice of Cheeseburger or Chicken Nuggets), A Starbucks Puppuccino, and a 10-minute full-body massage. Your pooch will be in utter bliss after this pampering. This package includes a photo of them enjoying their treats and an update on how they are doing. $20

Extra Play Time (20 Min)

A customized, one-on-one play session with a loving staff member. Run, chase, jump, catch, and more! Can be an inside or outside activity of your dog's choice. Great for dogs with lots of energy, or dogs that may be shy and need a little more one-on-one time. $15

Extra TLC Time (20 Min)


One-on-one cuddle time. Do you have a lap dog or big baby that will miss you? They will love all of this personal attention during our TLC session! (Your regular rate includes 4 exercise times each day that we provide lots of TLC for your pet.)  This is just an option for the Moms and Dads who think their pet would benefit from a little extra one-on-one time.  $15


Turn Down Service

Our Pet Care Specialists will drop off a special bed time treat for your dog, along with some extra snuggle time right before bed! Perfect for dogs that need an extra good night kiss before falling asleep. This package includes a gourmet treat from Luca's Barkery in Cleveland. $3.75


Peanut Butter Filled Bone


We will provide your dog room service with a Filled Bone with Peanut Butter. This will provide them with hours of enjoyment. $10

Peanut Butter Kong


We will provide your dog room service with an evening treat. We will give them a Kong filled with Natural Peanut Butter! Great way to end the day. $3

Peanut Butter Frosty Paw Treat


We will provide your dog room service with an evening treat. What dog does not love a Frosty Paw! Homemade at WoofHouse with the highest quality ingredients. Nice way to end the day. $3

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